Smart, Wi-Fi & Programmable Thermostats in South Jersey

D&L Custom Services LLC - Smart Wifi Programmable Thermostats in South Jersey

We install Smart, Wifi and Programmable Thermostat products in South Jersey (Burlington, Camden & Gloucester County NJ). Capture the latest in energy saving technology with a "Smart Thermostat". These Wi-Fi enabled programmable thermostats allow you to control your home's temperature remotely from any smartphone or tablet. They also monitor indoor and outdoor humidity and outdoor temperature.

You can set up multiple locations on one account, which makes WiFi Thermostats perfect for rental homes and vacation homes. Imagine being able to monitor the temperature in a rental home from afar or turning the air conditioning on before you arrive at your shore house!

The display screen is large and easy to read, and includes features such as:

Based in Cherry Hill, NJ. Serving Burlington, Camden and Gloucester County, South Jersey.

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